Felixstowe is a seaside town with a connectivity of rail, road, and waterways. However, you should know that it has the largest port in UK. Thus, Felixstowe works as a major transit point for the purpose of freight forwarding to any destination around the world. In other words, there is no scarcity of freight forwarder Felixstowe. But, like the five fingers of your hand, not every freight forwarder can give you the quality freight forwarding service that you are looking at. It further connotes that you must choose a freight forwarder carefully with a view to safeguarding your business in UK.

Key areas of a freight forwarder:

  • On time service: Time is money. Having said that, we mean, a freight forwarder must understand the importance of time while sending your consignment. For instance, you may be in the business of highly perishable items such as the dairy products, fruits, and seafood. Delay in sending your consignment will damage those items. The transit insurance remains valid for a specific period. Therefore, your insurer will not pay you any reimbursement in the case where the damage occurs before the journey commences. As a matter of fact, you will lose business worth millions and your clients forever. Hence, choose a freight forwarder that offers insurance cover against your goods in transit and at the same time, it has an unbeatable track record of on time delivery.
  • Professional service: Hiring a professional freight forwarder Felixstowe, you do a justice to your business. It means when you hire a professional freight forwarder, you doubly assure the success of your business. After all, a professional freight forwarding company doesn’t mind to walk an extra mile with a view to protecting its client’s interest at the first place. For instance, such a freight forwarding company can keep your goods in its own warehouse at the destination in the case your consignee or its authorised agent fails to turn up on time there.
  • Economic service: Money begets money. So true. In fact, when you save money out of a deal with a freight forwarding company, you are left with some money at your disposal. You can effectively plough back that money into your business to scale new heights. For instance, you can invest such money in developing new products or services that will contribute to your bottom line.
  • Value added service: Today’s business demands real-time information. If you have sent a cargo to your client, the client would wish to track the status of your cargo with a view to organising setups to receive goods on time at the destination. This involves a flawless planning beforehand coupled with a huge monetary commitment on the part of your client. The good news is that some freight forwarding company in Felixstowe offer value added services like this through GPS enabled systems.

However, your journey with the freight forwarder Felixstowe is more of a cause and effect relationship. Having said that, we mean, unless your business interest is protected by a freight forwarder, there is no point in hiring its service. Therefore, put your priorities on the table while negotiating with a freight forwarding company in Felixstowe.