The origination of Pop Art can be traced back to the middle of 1950 in Great Britain and later the same year in the United States; however, it was the Americans who really gave a boost in terms of awareness and success to the form of Art.

The word ‘Pop’ has been taken from the word ‘popular’, and hence by definition this stands to be an art form that is based on modern popular culture and mass media. It began as a satiric take on the unusual obsession of the Americans with goods and things. History reveals that during those years America witnessed immense prosperity which led to the people having a lot of disposable income.

This in combination with the gigantic infrastructures of the factories along with the mass media led to a situation of excessive consumer goods and consequently increased advertisements of those goods. People became utterly obsessed with the possession of goods merely to show their status and put the others down. Later in 1960’s this obsession reached its peak, but fortunately like every period in history, this too had some sane minds left in the form of critics.

It is they who criticized this behavior of the common man through this Pop art. The advertisements, comic strips and even the celebs on television became the subject matter of Pop art at the time. The witticism and ironic visual representation of this art made it ever so popular that it still remains a very recognizable part of the lives of common people.

To make it more comprehensible, Pop Art could be referred to as the art on everyday life in a consumer driven modern life. Mark Borghi features such kind of art in the exhibitions that he hosts in his various art galleries. Along with this there you can get to see contemporary paintings, abstract paintings, and even wall sculptures that convey some strong social message.

It was English Critic Lawrence Alloway who coined the term ‘Pop’ to define this form of art because it used everyday objects and materials, and technologies that reflected the then mass culture. This form of art evolved at a very crucial time that show enormous economic growth, it witnessed the emergence of exhibitionism, commercial manipulation and similar other things. Art needed to go back to the people and this was the best way to do so.

Pop art became seriously popular in around 1962, as it marked the beginning of the postmodern era. It was at this time that fine arts merged with media and commercial arts. The 20th Century saw a more glamorous and polished version of Pop art even though now it was done on low budget production. However, it managed to capture to perfectly capture the changing attitudes of the society and replicate it exactly.

Andy Warhol the American pop artist started to gain popularity during this time. It is his timeless creations and others like him that is exhibited in the various galleries of Mark Borghi. The success of his exhibitions are because of the variety they present every time; while once they exhibit paintings of all genres – contemporary, abstract, pop, etc.; at other times they exhibit wall sculptures, and still others that exclusively convey some social message like the empowerment of women.