Obesity is a term that is used to describe a person having a ton more weight than an average person of their height and age. Most of the time, obesity occurs due excessive consumption of calories, however, obesity can also occur as a side effect of some other major disease that we will discuss a little later.

Excessive weight greatly affects almost every single part of the human body including systems like the respiratory system, reproductive system, and the nervous system. Obesity is also proven to be the cause of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cancers. Physically, it only looks like just a few extra pounds, but inside, it literally swallows your body. On the other side, a healthy weight can improve bone strength, muscles, heart, brain, tissue regeneration and can increase metabolism greatly.

Some of the main diseases primarily caused by Obesity and their effects are as follows:

·         Diabetes

According to estimation, obese middle-aged people are 93 times more likely to suffer from diabetes as compared to people that are at an average weight. Increase in weight during adulthood can be dangerous; however, increase in weight during childhood can be extremely devastating.

According to most clinical researchers, diabetes is the most common disease produced due to obesity. Out of the total 18 weight-based illnesses, diabetes proved out to be the most significant. Studies also show that weight loss can substantially decrease diabetes in a person.

·         Cardiovascular Disease

As the body weight increases, the risk of some cardiovascular disease increases tremendously. Obesity is known to increase blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and inflammation. These mere effects can easily develop into heart disease and strokes and can cause cardiovascular death with the passage of time.

  • Strokes: Strokes and artery diseases can often start due to the same illnesses. It has been observed that obesity increases the chances of strokes by almost 64%.
  • Cardiovascular Death: Cardiovascular diseases are extremely common in obese men and women around the world. Women with BMIs of more than 30 have a 62% percent chance of dying from CAD or Cardiovascular Death. On the other hand, Men with BMI of anything greater or less than 18-24 are prone to suffer from CAD and Cardiovascular diseases.

·         Cancer

The relation between obesity and cancer isn’t quite as distinctive as the fore-mentioned diseases. As most of your might already know, Cancer isn’t just one disease, it is a collection of several illnesses.

In 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research collectively agreed that obesity has a huge effect on the esophagus, pancreas, breast, gallbladder and kidney; effects that could ultimately result in cancer. A later observation confirmed the association of cancer in the breast, colon, esophagus, kidney and ovary to obesity.

·         Reproduction

Obesity, as mentioned above, can take a huge toll on the reproductive system. In women, obesity is known to commonly cause infertility with BMIs ranging from 20-24. During pregnancy, obese women have a higher chance of a miscarriage and complications during delivery.

However, in men, the effects are slightly less significant. Obesity is known to take a great effect on sperm count and lowers it enormously. Other than that, BMIs above 35 are seen to have a minor effect on semen quality.

·         Lung Diseases

Excessive consumption of fat and carbs can have a great effect on the airways and lung expansion. It can narrow the airways, reduce the flexibility of the chest wall and severely affect the respiratory system. Obesity can also produce inflammation in the lungs.

Asthma is the most lung disease caused due to obesity. According to a research, chances of asthma in obese men and women are 50% more likely as compared to people with normal weight.

The Conclusion

Obesity can affect your life in every way imaginable. It can shorten your life and add diseases and illnesses to it. However, it is important to note that obesity isn’t absolute; you can rid yourself of it. Diet and regular exercise can play a great role in decreasing your body weight. As the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure, obesity can be prevented at an early age without spending as much time and money.


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