If you are in the market today for a brand new phone, you’ll find that there will always be a Moto as a recommendation for budget devices and the reason for it is simple, Moto makes some great devices for any given price bracket. Moto is also a very trusted company among people and the chances of people sticking to the brand are also very high. The fact that Moto is always consistent with their software updates is a boon for many.

Moto has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years and has gone through a number of acquisitions. It was initially owned by Google but later down the line, its ownership was handed down to Lenovo. Despite the acquisition by the Chinese conglomerate, Moto hasn’t actually been forced to change its ways or implement Lenovo adware, which is a fact that we’re glad of.

Moto recently launched a brand new device called the G5S which is a slightly updated version of the initial G5 launched this year. So, without further ado, let’s get into the device and see what you can expect from it.

Design and Display:

Moto has a proprietary phone design which is one of the best in business. Their phones are almost always built with ergonomics in mind and the G5S is no different. It implies a full metal construction which gives a premium feel in hand. The G5S is also Splash resistant meaning that accidentally dropping the phone in water or splashes with coffee or water are less likely to damage the phone. The phone’s strongest design trait is the way that it’s built. The edges are rounded off and it gives the phone a nice in hand feel.

As for the display, it retains the 5.2 inch display from the Moto G5 which isn’t a bad thing as it is a good display with good viewing angles and good colour reproduction. Also its 5.2 inch form factor makes it extremely easy to handle as the phone doesn’t fall into the phablet category. The phone has a resolution of 1080*1920 which equates to a screen density of 424PPI which is really sharp. The denser pixel density means that content will appear more vivid and sharp in the display of the G5S.


Motohas been always known to include the latest software in their devices. Their updates are frequent and they are the only company to push official updates of Androids hours after Google’s own phone line-up receives them. This consistency in updates is a godsend for many as updates often include crucial security patches and enhancements for the system that enables the phone to keep performing at its peak. Moto has a near stock Android UI that sticks closely to Google’s own UI, which isn’t a bad thing considering that the stock UI is one of the best out there. Sticking closely to Google’s own UI means that updates are easier to push and Motodoesn’t include any bloatware in its devices. Add everything up and Moto delivers an android experience that is second to none.


The Moto G5S is powered by a Snapdragon 430 SoC which is a budget CPU. It’s an Octa-core unit clocked at 1.4GHz and has eight cortex A53 cores which are tuned towards more battery efficiency than outright performance. While that means that heavy games will be a no-no for device, the majority of the owners wouldn’t care because Moto has such decent software optimisation that you wouldn’t feel the need for powerful CPU’s either way. Coupled with the phone is 4GB of RAM which aids multitasking and this combined with Moto’s excellent software equates to a lag free experience. Graphics are handled by the Adreno 505 GPU which isn’t a powerhouse but can run casual games with ease.

Camera and Storage:

The Moto GS5 comes with a single rear 16MP camera with a CMOS sensor as opposed to the Dual camera setup in its bigger brother, the G5S Plus. The camera clicks decent images in good lighting conditions and also the low light isn’t very bad either. Images have acceptable detail in low light and noise is kept in check. Daylight shots are very good and could be used for still shots. The rear camera also has 8x of Optical Zoom and LED flash but sadly no optical image stabilisation which is a shame as the camera is such a good performer. The rear camera also comes with a number of shooting modes and features such as Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), HDR Modes, Touch to Focus, Face Detection and so on.

The Front camera is also not bad as it houses 5MP shooter with front facing LED flash and a wide aperture of f2.0 for those group shots.

Storage wise the phone has 32GB of internal storage with expandability up to 128GB. So storage is taken care of pretty well.

Battery and Connectivity:

The Moto G5S has a 3000mAh battery powering the device. It isn’t a big battery but it does have quick charge up its sleeve which enables the phone to charge up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. But getting through the day won’t be an issue as the CPU is relatively power efficient and even if you do run out of battery, the quick charge can boost your battery in no time.

Connectivity wise the Moto G5S comes with what you’d expect. It supports 4G (VOLTE), 3G and 2G bands supported in India by every telecom company. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11, a/b/g/n, GPS with A-GPS, Glonass and Bluetooth v4.2. A glaring omission would be the USB Type-C port which is becoming increasingly common with every phone manufacturer.

Final Words:

The Moto G5S is a very competitive device launched at a very attractive point. It offers impressive specifications and a very reliable software ecosystem that gets stable updates frequently. The phone also doesn’t skimp on any features and can compete easily with the competition. Perhaps the biggest advantage of owning a Moto is that is the 3rd party developer support that comes with the device. The Moto usually has huge developer base and even when official updates are stopped, you would probably be able to update the device to a newer android version. The Moto G5s is around Rs.12999 which is very good for the features that it offers.