The share trading is an opportunity for all those who love to have some additional income in a short period with moderate risk and a small investment. However, every trader needs to have some basic knowledge of finance and share market that can help him trade like a professional trader. There are some basic requirements to have trading in this market which include a trading and a DEMAT account. These accounts can be opened with any of the share brokers or any broking company which is licensed by the SEBI. With the help of personal documents and payment of required amount one can get accounts opened.

The accounts:

There was a time before the computerization of trading when all the transactions were done manually only. It was an offline system. In this age, due to fully computerization, these transactions are carried online now. In the accounts also there is offline and online account system. In the offline account, the client needs to ask the operator for the information of his account and place the order for buying or selling of shares. In the online account, the same transactions can be carried out by himself. For those who are busy during market hours, the offline account can better as here one can just call the operator and know the market situation as well as rates of concerned company shares. If he wants to transact or know his account situation he can ask the operator. Those who have computer and internet connection can go for an online account where he can monitor the market and trade accordingly. For a trader, it is important to have low brokerage rate as it can help to boost the profit. Therefore one needs to get an account with one of the best stock brokers in India with whom one can have low brokerage plan.

How to trade:

Trading in the stock market is easy irrespective of the system of online or offline. One can check the rate of shares of the concerned company and if he feels that the rate will fall he can place the order with a limit. In the offline account, the client needs to instruct the operator, and he will place the order on behalf of the client. In the online account, the client needs to set the limit himself. There is intraday as well as delivery trading that can be carried out by a client. In the intraday one has to settle the account on the same day while in the delivery trade he needs to make the rest of the payment and the shares are moved from trading account to demat account. The payment, whether one needs to pay to the broker or get the payment from the broker, can be done online or via check in an offline system.  Hence to carry out the trading is easy but one needs to have proper information about dealing in particular scrip and shares as the wrong trade may lead to severe loss also.