Have you noticed that kids these days seem to have multi-colored eyes? What about kids who look like they have snake eyes? Or what about a lizard? If you thought that you were going crazy and needed to see a doctor, this article is here to explain it all to you!

What you have seen are fashion contacts, and we’ll talk more about them below.

What Are They?

The first place to start is to tell you what they are not. They are not a replacement for the type of high-quality spectacles you get from the Groupon Coupons page for Coastal or your regular prescription contact lenses. No, these are completely designed for fashion and are not considered to be a medical device by the FDA.

Instead, these are simply a replica of the shape of a contact lens with a print or pattern showing on the outside lens. Of course, the wearer is unable to see this pattern through the lenses.

Are They Dangerous?

A good question! Like all products you use for your body, they are only as safe as the manufacturer makes them. And the best way to tell is often to use the price as a gauge. If you buy cheap healthcare products then you can expect some issues, and the same goes for fashion contact lenses.

If the incorrect ones or cheap ones are chosen then it can lead to a range of eye and vision problems for children. If you are considering using them or buying them for your children,  be sure to speak with your doctor before you do just to get their opinion on the matter.

Do They Cost a Lot?

It largely depends on the brand you buy and the design that you want. Plain colored lenses will obviously be much cheaper than a printed design, where something hand designed will cost you even more.

However, it’s important to remember that give they are not actual contact lenses, you don’t wear them every day and replace them every night. Instead, you should consider them like a piece of jewelry that you keep in your collection and take out only when the time is right.

With this in mind, consider the budget that you have and look at the top of it, given that it will be a one-off purchase and won’t require ongoing replacements each month.

Should You Get a Pair?

This is a decision only you can make, but it’s important to remember the health effects of these products when you are looking. For this reason, always speak with your doctor before you buy and do your research to ensure the company selling the product is reputable and can provide after-sales support if you need it.

If possible, look online at reviews of the products along with any concerns being raised in customer support forums.

There will always be trends that come and go in fashion and it’s safe to say that fashion contact lenses are one of those very trends.