I know plenty of individuals would like to have all the applications on the Google play store on their android phones or tablets, however sadly managing all of those applications would be tough. for a few users, they merely do not have the area to accommodate of these applications. the nice news is that, there are sure applications each user should have that will bring their android ¬†phones alive. a minimum of if you have got these applications, you’d have Associate in Nursing improved humanoid expertise.


This application is simply wonderful.it monitors activities on your phone by providing you with info regarding your phones memory usage, battery usage, and conjointly info regarding your memory card. It conjointly includes a fast boost feature which will improve the speed and potency of your phone. additionally, humanoid assistant conjointly allows you to manage your phones volume levels, clean your system files, provides a file manager to manage your files, a batch installer and uninstaller to put in or uninstall applications simply, and my favorite feature, that is moving your applications from your phones memory to your memory card. What additional are you able to fire, this application is Associate in Nursing tired one application, a requirement have for each user and it’s fully free.

Android AVG antivirus.

everybody wants protection as well as your humanoid phone. while not protection, your phone becomes vulnerable. Ultimately, you’ll select any reliable antivirus to shield your humanoid phone however I like the AVG antivirus professional for the options it offers. Aside the actual fact that it protects my phone from threats Associate in Nursingd viruses; it conjointly has an anti-theft feature, by registering my put in antivirus on my phone exploitation my email address. this permits Pine Tree State access my phone if it’s taken. I will simply track it by location, go away Associate in Nursing alarm or lock it by imputing a brief code exploitation the net either by another phone or pc. this offers you final protection and fewer worries.


Whatsapp is incredibly simple to use and needs your signal to register and it allows you to talk with friends and family. It allows you share photos, video and audio files. Some would like the KIK traveller as a result of it conjointly has similar options. Well, KIK isn’t dangerous either however whatsapp is additional secured. With KIK, if an individual doesn’t have your variety they will still contact you as a result of they have your username solely, and affirmative there ar alternative third party applications that at random offer out KIK user names, as an example OINKTEXT whereas this is often unfeasible if you’re exploitation whatsapp. therefore irresistibly, whatsapp is additional secured.

UC mini

Most folks just like the UC mini app. it is in no time and effective. alternative browsers like UC Mini Browser. however I like the UC mini as a result of it’s terribly easy to use.it has a user friendly interface and might be wont to simply access your Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.


It is a tremendous video player and most folks realize it for its performance on our computers, however currently its on humanoid and it’s the same performance similar to on the pc. plenty of humanoid phones don’t play sure video formats like (Flv video formats). Well, worry no additional, as a result of with VLC for humanoid, you do not got to bear the effort of changing your videos to.MP4 or.3Gp. Video files with .FLV extensions would simply play fine. you do not would like additional plugins, VLC can do the magic.